VERY IMPORTANT: This service only covers the main devices designed or produced by us, but not covers the accessories or the products which we purchased from other companies. 

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Purpose: To offer fast, golden, satisfactory after-sales service.

Target: To help our customers, especially for the newly established companies or small companies which with limited human source, to set up his own team to offer high-efficient and fast after-sales service. By the help of this maintain system, with 1 or 2 employees (old hand or green hand, no need very special training) , they can offer very reliable and fast after-sales service to your customers.

The advantage of our online maitaince system:
  • 365 days x 24hours online.​
  • Real time trace every one unit, to trace the in using component parts (includes the substitute components if any), to trace the in using drivers and the upgrading drivers if any.
  • To trace the upgrading tool, to the trace the in using system upgrading system and the latest one if any.
  • For th​e real photos of every component parts, to  help the serviceman to recognize and find the component. (We are upgrading this service. We will improve this service)
    • ​Open website, then input the serial code, and search, then you can get following information: Clicking the blue words to download the drivers or upgrading OS.

    How does the system works, and the service offered by the system:

    • ​All of our products (includes the PCBA we sold) are with a unique serial code, example as below:

    Virtual Reality, TV box, Smart phone, Powerline, Windows Tablet, Laptop, USB Disk,

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