How to install LIVE IPTV on Android TV box, Tablet pc, Smartphone?

How to watch Live TV and movies freely...I mean free forever, and without ads.




1)Download and install iWatchTV.apk on your device,​​​​​​

2) Download and install MXplayer.apk on your device,

Important Notes:

1) Normally, you should see "installation blocked"  on Android5.1 or above, because this APK was not available on Google play store.

2) Refer to the following fig, 2 steps to finish installing the apk.

3) We promise, both of the APK won't hurt your device.

4) Please notes, we do not provide any tv or movies, all the movies are provided by 3rd party's website, we just provide the quick way to collect all the movies and tvs in single one APK.

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